Titanium 10000 Tiger

Titanium 10000 Tiger
1x Cardreader, USB-PVR

Receiver Type: Cardreader, USB-PVR
Manufacturer - Hersteller: Titanium
Production - Produktion:  2007

CPU: CX24303
Tuner: SHARP S7VZ0502
Sdram: 16*16M
1 Cam Universal Embedded
800 Pages multi-language Teletext
Upload channel data via USB
Save live video picture as logo( 303 Play)
6100 Channels
Auto DISEQC, Diseqc1.0, 1.1, 1.2, USALS and Blind Search
PLL RF-Modulator UHF 21~69 with PAL I, B/G, D/K, and NTSC M 14~84 (Optional)
Variable Aspect Ratio(4:3,16:9) with Panscan or Letter Box option
Fast 7-Days EPG supported
Sort function and Game
Support 30 Audio PID(Language)
Subtitle Supported
PIP ,picture in picture

Main Features:
 BLIND Search
 Fast Cannel Switching.
Easy To Find Channel (A~Z)
Easy To R-Range the Channel
Easy to lock the channels from the channel list
Easy To hide many satellite from satellite list
Easy To Rename Channel with Multi language
Easy To Begin broadcasting at future time you set
User Channel list for Saving and Loading (Optional)
Multi-Timer Function
Easy To make Favorite Channel with set 8 ground Fav
USB2.0 supported for external or internal (Optional)
Hard disk or USB stick
– Download S/W
– Download channel data
– Download Sat CODX Format File

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Sunday, September 28th, 2008 Titanium

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