Tiger* T8

Tiger* T8

Tiger* T8
2x CI
Receiver Type: Standard Definition
Producer/Manufacturer - Hersteller: Tiger
Production Year:  2007

 CPU:   CX24142
Tuner:  SHARP S7VZ0502
Sdram: 4*16M
*2 Slot Universal Embedded
*Storing memory: 100 Satellite, 4000 transponders and 6000 channels .
*MPEG2 & Fully DVB-S Compliant
*DiSEqC1.0,1.2,1.3(USALS) and 22KHz tone supported. DiSEqC1.1 (1 x
10) supported.(Optional )
*Multi-language Menu(English, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian Czech, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Greek ,
*Supper fast 800 pages OSD Teletext supported
*RS232 port for Additional Information Service and Upgrading Software
Subtitle Supported,4/9/12/16 Multi-pictures,PIP *
*PIG,small screen picture and Zoom In function
*Supper fast 800 pages OSD Teletext supported
*VBI Teletext supported
*User Channel list for Saving and Loading (Optional
16/12/9/4 Multi-pictures and PIP
*Favorite Groups and Parent Lock Function8
*EPG, including 7 days data fast download and timer
 *Color graphic user interface256    




Fast channel switching and ability to search through the channels using incremental search (a-z), channel management interface to hide, arrange, sort channels, even renaming channels with multi language support, PIP (picture in picture support), setup timer for switching channels, upgradable firmware.

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