Pace DSR6230

Pace DSR6230

Pace DSR6230
FTA, HDTV (MPEG-4), COMBO (DVB-S/DVB-T Tuner), Ethernet, Modem
Receiver Type: High Definition
Producer/Manufacturer - Hersteller: Pace
Production Year:  2009

The DSR6230 is Pace?s next generation satellite and terrestrial HD zapper supporting the Nagraguide application. It complies with the latest EU regulations regarding power consumption and features an innovative and elegant design.

The DSR6230 includes both a DVB-T and a DVB-S2 tuner, serving both satellite and terrestrial operators. It is also equipped with an Ethernet port for broadband connection, and can optionally support internal NAND storage for progressive download applications.

This product can be customized for European, Pan- American and APAC markets.

Product Summary

  • High Definition zapper
  • DVB-S2 tuner
  • DVB-T tuner
  • Ethernet port
  • V22bis modem
  • Optional NAND storage progressive storage
  • Pace Design for Environment compliant

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