Digenius TVBOX CI

Digenius TVBOX CI
2x CI, 1998 Channels, 4-digit Display, Teletext, 2x SCART, 2x Audio, DiSEqC 1.0/1.2, SU via RS-232, Power Consumption 9 W (Stand-by 6 W), Size: 345×65x220 mm

Receiver Type: CI
Manufacturer - Hersteller: Digenius
Production - Produktion:  2001

Common Interface Receiver for Digital Satellite Television


  • 999 TV + 999 radio channels
  • 50 satellites
  • 20 characters per channel name

Common Interface

  • 2 slots on the back

Front display

  • 4 digits 7 segment display
  • timer indicator
  • radio mode indicator


  • fast channel switching for zapping
  • small response time for all user interface functions
  • large font for better readability (aspect value 0.58)
  • detailed online-Help
  • OSD transparency and display time can be adjusted


(Electronic Programme Guide)

  • overview for the next 64 days
  • supports extended event descriptions
  • displays content classification (e.g. News/Show/Movie etc.)
  • supports all latin based charsets, greek and cyrillic character sets
  • displays PREMIERE WORLD CINEDOM near video on demand EPGs
  • display the content dependant PREMIERE WORLD audio subchannels
  • 1 MB EPG-Cache

Channel list editor

  • copy, move and delete operations available
  • blockwise operations
  • special functions for grouping channel blocks

Channel scan

  • automatic scan
  • detection of scrambled services
  • extended scan function for direct frequency input


  • 12 entries
  • controlled by date or
  • any weekday combination
  • VCR control via SCART pin 8
  • can be programmed directly from EPG

Other features

  • teletext reinsertion (for viewing on TV)
  • signal level monitor
  • game, calendar
  • support for multiple audio subchannels (for multilingual transmissions and additional radio services)
  • single key to jump back to previously selected channel
  • comes with preprogrammed channel list ? no scan is required on first time installation
  • startup time < 3 sec, from standby < 0.5 sec
  • plug & watch — the preprogrammed channel contains all relevant European Pay-TV bouquets and free TV channels


CPU 32 bit RISC CPU, 54 MHz, 32 MBit SDRAM
Video TV-SCART with support for RGB- and Y/C support
VCR-SCART with support for Y/C
16:9 signalling, letterbox and pillarbox formats supported
Audio 24 bit audio DAC, stereo cinch connector, volume control (25 steps), volume bypass mode for HiFi equipment
A/V VCR-to-TV bypass for (FBAS, Y/C and RGB signals)
Reception 4 ? 45 MSym/s, DiSEqC 1.0, DiSEqC 1.2 motor control
Updates RS232 connector for updates and chanel list editing, software updates are available from our website
Controls remote control 27 keys, 3 keys on the front panel
Power supply 90 ? 265V AC, 50 ? 60 Hz, about 9W power consumption (without LNB and CI module), about 6W in standby mode
Size (cm): 34,5 ? 6,5 ? 22
Packlist DVB receiver, remote control, manual

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