Ariza 700

Ariza 700

Receiver Type: FTA
Manufacturer - Hersteller: Ariza
Production - Produktion:  2007

Ariza 700

Ariza 700 - One of the smallest FTA receivers with user-friendly Data Editing Function and brilliant on screen graphics.

Mpeg-2 fully DVB compliant receiver.
Multi-Language Menu.
Brilliant 256 Colors Graphic User Interface
Single and Simultaneous Multi Satellite Search.
SCPC and MCPC Receivable from C/Ku-band Satellite.
User-Friendly Data Editing Function: Channels Name, Satellite & Transponder
Name, TV& Radio Channel Edit.
Pal-NTSC conversion.
Fast Channel Change
Smart Search
Favorite Channel Group.
DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2 & 1.3 Support.
Ergonomic full functions Remote control.
Turbo Searching. 4- digital 7-segment display.
LNB power overload protection function.
Easy software downloading and date transfer ( Set-to-set, PC-to-set) with RS232C(115,200bps).

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